Nichelle N. Cook, JD, MA

Education Strategist, Neurodiversity Advocate and Speaker, Practegy, LLC, New Orleans, Louisiana

Nichelle N. Cook, JD, MA is a multi-disciplinary expert at addressing inequities that impact the academic and professional success of individuals living with neurobehavioral challenges. Having been formally trained in the fields of education, law and policy coupled with years of experience within the field of public health, her diverse background allows for a unique blend of skills that lend themselves to innovatively crafting solutions that respect and honor neurodiverse populations. She often credits her deep passion for these issues to having personally battled undiagnosed I-ADHD for most of her life. Like over 40% to 60% of individuals who share her diagnosis, anxiety has also been a constant. Inspired by her faith, she continues to persevere in hopes of inspiring and unlocking the potential of others who share similar plights.

Nichelle is a native of Kentwood, LA and a proud graduate of Spelman College where she received her BA in Political Science. She also holds a Doctor of Jurisprudence (JD) degree from Loyola University New Orleans and two Masters of Art degrees from Xavier University of Louisiana in Educational Leadership/Administration and Curriculum and Instruction. In the Fall of 2021, she plans to pursue graduate study at Teachers College - Columbia University of New York in clinical neuropsychology in hopes of expanding her work on behalf of neurodiverse learners. Specifically, her research interests include examining the inequities that exist in the identification, instruction and support of gifted/twice-exceptional learners and evaluating the mental health needs of high-functioning minority professionals in high-stress careers.