Kornicha Johnson

Second-Year Law Student, Southern University Law Center, Southwestern Regional Director of Community Service, NBLSA, Baton Rouge, Louisiana

Kornicha Johnson, born and raised in Mississippi, is a 2L at the Southern University Law Center.
Her academic tenure has included obtaining a Master’s and Bachelor’s in Criminal Justice.
During her undergraduate career, she was inducted into the Who’s Who Class of 2018 for her
notable service within the community, exceptional campus involvement, and academic
excellence at the University of Mississippi. With a tender heart for prison reforms and zeal for
criminal defense in underserved communities, Ms. Johnson has also published rehabilitation
research. Some of Ms. Johnson’s work within the community has included co-leading a
restorative justice project at a MS Correctional Facility, organizing a service day at a Veterans
Home, co-leading a Christmas donation to underprivileged families, and mentoring highschool
and first year college students. Ms. Johnson’s involvement did not cease upon her time at
Southern University Law Center. She serves as the Regional Community Service Director for
BLSA, a Board Member for Trial Advocacy, a Board Member for Moot Court, a Marshall
Brennan Fellow, and Lexis Nexis Representative. This summer, Ms. Johnson continued her
passion for serving the community as a Law Clerk for the East Baton Rouge Public Defender’s
Office. Ms. Johnson’s plans upon graduation is to become a defense attorney and continue to
respond to many deficiencies in overlooked communities.